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Sander Kan

Performance Clinics

Mogul Performance Clinic

Are you wondering how they do it! How they ski the bumps so stylish! YOU can do it too..... yes you can!

But to do so I will help you with tips and tricks!
Anyone can learn this with methodical help and a gradual build-up of the art. We start with techniques on the piste and we finish in the moguls. After these trainings you will be able to ski those famous mogul runs as Mont Fort, Gentianes, Chassoure and Plan du Fou in "the Four Valleys". You won't turn your back on them any more, but instead enjoy skiing them!

For intermediated to advanced skiers who want to feel completely free in the bumps!


Day price till 4 participants is CHF 540,--, 5 CHF 600,--, from 6 CHF 660,--.


from january 2020

just get in touch and ask!

Piste Performance Clinic

High performance clinic is there to improve your overall ON piste skiing technique.
This course is extremely suitable for advanced skiers and ski instructors who want to become even better skiers. Instructors who want to train for the Swiss Instructor level, the Austrian Landes or Staatliche ausbildung or their BASI ISTD level.
We train the different techniques through balance and coordination exercises. So we get a better understanding about the core movements. Through this courses you reach the top level of your on piste Performance!

After this clinic you will be more dynamic and free on your skis than you ever thought possible. All this, of course, supported with video analysis.


Day price till 4 participants is CHF 540,--, 5 CHF 600,--, 6 CHF 660,--.

WHEN: any time you like, just get in touch and ask!